It’s Time, Y’all – An Open Letter to Bosses

Hey Bosses, Human Resources People, and Those Who Write Job Descriptions:

It would benefit your company to consider skilled applicants regardless of education. Chances are high that qualified candidates (skills, capabilities, experience) who didn’t go to college taught themselves what they know and will continue to teach themselves new things out of passion and determination.

The difference between sitting in a chair to be instructed and learning by doing, undoing and redoing is the difference between knowing how it should work and understanding how it does work.

Also, in addition to missing out on acquiring incredible talent, it’s just kind of snobby and anti-land-of-opportunity to say everyone who didn’t or couldn’t go to college is not worthy of working with you.


Feel free to use the letter or the graphic however you want. Links, tweets, shares always appreciated.

Assholes & Foreign Luxury Cars

I love to take pictures of people driving poorly. It keeps me from flipping them off. It makes me laugh when normally I’d seethe. And, it REALLY pisses people off. Here’s one of my favorites from this summer. Unfortunately I can’t show you the expressions on their faces as they saw me taking their photo as they run the red light. But come on, a baby blue Lexus comes with some entitlement, right?


Screwpon is as Groupon Does

Sometimes I wish I had developed Groupon except that my conscience stops me right there from even being able to finish wishing I had created such a scam.

Why on earth would a business, especially a restaurant or retail store, ever agree to this? I thought a 75% off sale was a going out of business sale.

Groupon is just a mailing list of deal-seekers. If you are willing to sell for such a huge discount as a marketing expense, don’t you want it to be good and memorable?

I’m going to make a suggestion. Don’t wait in line to join the idiot-of-the-day club at Groupon.  Local charities and public school systems have humongous email lists. And those mailing lists are full of donors, supporters and families. Supporting schools and organizations is also a great way to get your business mentioned in the media.

Instead of a 50% discount with 50% of that going to Groupon, have a school night with a nice % going to the school. Support a local charity, they’ll support you back. If you need help pulling it together, email me at


It’s a Vagina Not a Disease Campaign

There is an entire industry based on convincing you that it is not a vagina, but a disease and they do this simply to sell you lots of weird vagina maintenance products.  It is time to stop buying the creams, powders, sprays, washes, foams, screening kits, and other  products.

Today, I launch the It’s a Vagina Not a Disease campaign to spread awareness and rebrand the global perception of the vagina. The first action you can take to support this campaign is to buy pencils and whiteboard markers for your local public schools instead of these coochie cleaners and sanitizers and moisturizers and deodorizers. And if you are a compulsive vagina product user and can’t stop, you need to buy an amount of pencils and markers greater than or equal to your frivolous vagina spending because obviously you can afford it.

And now for my favorite part, the international symbol for the It’s a Vagina Not a Disease campaign:


Nice Porsche, Sorry About Your Penis

If you drive a fancy foreign car, chances are you are an asshole.

You typically drive like an asshole. And do business like an asshole. You certainly spend money like an asshole.

And you consider yourself the most red-blooded, patriotic, know-what’s good for this country American  in that fancy luxury foreign automobile. This one is for you.

Eventually I hope to get around to the BMW, Lexus, Mercedes, etc versions of this doodle.

Need the T-Shirt? Get it here.


A New Year

I’m a mother, entrepreneur, artist, big thinking idea lady finding my way to doing some good, earning success and being proud of it. Or if not proud of my successes, I am going to try my hardest to not feel guilty for them. Oh yeah, and I’m definitely going to be talking a little shit along the way. You in?